Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Who vacuums their garage?

My mom does. And now I do too apparently. Do you ever have moments where you know you are your mother's daughter? I had one of those yesterday while helping my bridesmaid (or bff if you prefer, hubby and I were in her wedding and vice versa) clean out her garage.

Bridesmaid and I are partnering together to participate in her neighborhood's annual yard sale which is coming up in 10 days. She's moving out of a four bedroom house into a two bedroom apartment and needs to downsize. I started on this because I felt we had too much stuff and needed to simplify. In the meantime, my parents have put their house on the market, so I now have all their old junk, excuse me, treasures to sell.

I think prior to last night's cleaning we both felt a bit overwhelmed with what we've gotten ourselves into. But there's something about seeing tangible progress, as leaves and dirt are swept away, that makes a task seem more manageable. Bridesmaid and I both work in the human services, so often the work we do in people's lives isn't tangible for a long time, and quite often we don't get to see it for ourselves. So it's nice to take on something where we can see progress and results.

I'm trying to not have overly high expectations that will leave me disappointed, but my hope is that from this yard sale and my birthday that's coming up, I'll be able to purchase a digital SLR camera. I'd love to have some pretty pictures for my blog and to be able to take pictures of family, friends, and our students. I'm still trying to decide between Nikon or Canon and whether or not the video feature is really necessary. But I'm also holding my plans loosely and trying to pay attention should the Lord show me that he has another desire for that money.

On a totally separate note, I harvested the first salad from our garden tonight. We had lettuce with fresh basil and green onions chopped up in it. With a little dressing, croutons, and cheese, it was fabulous. I can't wait to add tomatoes and cucumbers to the mix as the summer goes on.

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