Monday, November 29, 2010

The Start of My Gift List

It's been a while. I felt kind of stifled in regards to writing because the one thing that I wanted to write most about, wasn't something to be shared yet. So I didn't write at all.

Anyway this is my first gratitude post of what will hopefully be many. I'm starting on a journey to uncover 1000 gifts. Perhaps you'll figure out the secret as I list the blessings I've been enjoying the past couple of days.

  1. The company and companionship of my husband after his safe return from Mexico.
  2. The anticipation that comes with advent.
  3. An understanding of Mary's anticipation of motherhood.
  4. An honest time of worship.
  5. Christmas music on Pandora.
  6. A clean car.
  7. A clean kitchen.
  8. A bag of maternity clothes that are just my size.
  9. A snuggly Schnauzer.
  10. A blanket that makes it finally feel real.

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