Monday, July 18, 2011

Friendship Bread

I know some people cringe when someone approaches them with a bag of yeasty batter, but I was so excited when one of our students brought a friendship bread starter to our house last week.

I would post the recipe, but without the starter, it's kind of useless.  I'm sure you could google how to make the starter; I've never been that brave/I like the joy in the surprise when it finally comes my way again.  And now I get to share that joy with someone else.

It's a treat I remember from my childhood and look forward to that cinnamon sugar deliciousness that comes after ten days of mushing the bag.  It's one of the many gifts of grace that I'm counting these days.

friendship bread
the man who does the 4am diaper duty
real life friends
songs in my head and my heart
fresh peaches
23 years of sisterhood
remembering to turn my eyes to Him when life is tough
growing families
a marriage of forgiveness
predictable naptimes
a dip in the lake
german chocolate cake (for lunch)
central air-conditioning
cousins meeting for the first time
seven straight hours of sleep
that He doesn't give me what I deserve

Monday, July 11, 2011

Back to Blogging

Here's reason number one, why I want to start writing again.

Introducing Jack Tarin...

I'm a stay at home mom now and while the days can be slow, time is flying by.  Our little guy is already a month old!  Life is so full right now; not busy but full which is totally different and way better.  I don't want to miss any of these moments and figure this is a good place to share the joy with others.  Stay tuned...