Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Weekend update

I crawled into bed last night exhausted.  But it was the good kind of exhaustion, like the good kind of sore after a workout.  I was tired because we worked our buns off this weekend, but I felt great about it.  I think I'm officially nesting, because I did more cleaning and organizing in this past three day weekend than I've done in the past three months.  It's a great feeling to get our house in order.

And having some accountability, feeling like I would need to come back here and post about my lists for the weekend, gave me a push to meet my goals.  So here's the update on how we spent our weekend.

Play List:

  1. Prayer walk the neighborhood with Jeff and Monte. I have lots of excuses for this one: snow, Monte's leash is at my parent's house, and I made so many trips up and down stairs this weekend that extra walking did not sound like fun.
  2. Use our Blockbuster Express free rental code (ESU11B good through 1/18).  We got into watching Lost online instead.  It was still free entertainment, so I'm ok with it.
  3. Paint something.  I don't know what, but I have many projects waiting in the wings.  I just feel the need to paint.  Painting my nails counts right?

To Finish:

  1. Rearrange the furniture in the dinning room/kitchen.  Done, including my new piano.  It makes our home seem so much more peaceful and there are less flat surfaces for clutter.
  2. Purge the magazines.  About halfway done.  I'm going through them and tearing out any recipes that I may have missed, so it's taking a little longer.
  3. Make Colossians memory books.  Done with hubby's help.
  4. Get donations ready to go out the door.  Two garbage bags have been loaded in my trunk.  Just need to stop at the thrift store and drop them off.
  5. Start and finish cleaning the house.  It's much cleaner than it was on Friday morning!
  6. Make chicken stock.  Done and used some for last night's dinner.

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