Saturday, July 31, 2010

A month of adventures

I've been too busy living this past month to do a whole lot of blogging. One would think that youth ministry would slow down in summer like the rest of the world does, but rather just the opposite happens. I'm not complaining, we love our students and enjoy the extra time with them that summer allows.

I love adventures, like all of these that have happened in the past month...
  • Celebrated a quarter century with family, friends, 11 innings and fireworks.
  • Feathered the nest of a dear family friend.
  • Flipped a kayak.
  • Relaxed in one of my favorite places.
  • Traveled around and across Lake Michigan.
  • Rode through 4 states in one week. Drove in 0.
  • Yes my husband is a driving saint.
  • Witnessed two lives joined together as one.
  • Explored Chicago with my sister on her birthday.
  • Got too much sun at the beach.
  • Roasted marshmallows. Reese's smores = amazing.
  • Harvested more zucchini and cucumber than I know what to do with.
  • Finished a number of little house projects.
  • Figured out how to use my sewing machine.
  • Hosted two college students who shared their music ministry with us.
  • Took a bike tour of our city's community gardens.
We still have two more weddings and a mission trip to go before Labor Day. I used to think that I would get it together when life settled down and felt normal. But I've come to realize that this craziness is my normal and that is part of what makes my life a grand adventure.

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